About Us

Hi, this is James, I am the founder of podcastkings.net. I created the website early in 2019.  I wanted to create a place where new and experienced podcasters alike could find information and help with developing their art.

Podcasting is just that, an art. You need the right tool to develop your podcasts. We want you to dominate the mic. So, we offer the equipment to do just that. We carry a wide selection in our shop so check it out.

We are also adding articles and guides to help expert podcasters like you perfect your skills. There is so much to know about podcasting. Also, we want to invite those interested in representing their Brands or writers interested in podcasting to post their articles here. If interested, we have a link for that in our footer.

Lastly, we are an affiliate website. So, when you use a link from our site and buy a product, we may receive a commission. You don’t pay any more, but we may receive a small incentive. Most of the products we offer are fulfilled by Amazon. So, you will be directed to their website when you checkout.

Thank you so much for being a part of our podcaster’s community,

James Graybeal